It Took 36 Years to Get Here!

Today I turned 36 and I am so blessed to have a wonderful wife, and three beautiful children by my side. It’s also been the most demanding (and often stressful) year in my personal life, marriage, family, and ministry.

As I reflect not things at the end of this day, I am thinking about how It took me 36 years to get to this point and that I am actually only still at the beginning of things:

  • We are a young family
  • I am still new to this lead pastor thing
  • I still feel like I’m 18 (but my body reminds me otherwise)
  • I’m still (and always hope to be) learning

Here’s to 36. God has been so faithful. My wife has been my ROCK! And my children are my treasure. Excited to see what God has in store this year! The best is yet to come!



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