A Heavenly Taste – Part 1 (of 2)

After growing up in Montreal and moving away two years ago, I treasure every opportunity I get to go to Montreal. I made the trip this past weekend and there are a couple of things that have become mandatory on my to-do list – many of which are food-related.

1. Cannolis from Boulangerie Lasalle. (East-end, RDP)


Our friend, “Tony Cannoli”, is a master at making Sicilian-style cannolis. I’ve literally tried every bakery in Montreal and Toronto and NYC and can’t find one that compares to Lasalle’s. Now, if you really like his cannolis, Tony has created a giant version made using one pound of ricotta:


As Priscilla has learned, Boulangerie Lasalla is a mandatory stop.

2. Latte from Café Milano (St. Leonard)

Cafe Milano

Another one of Montreal’s gems. My favourite quick stop for a coffee or latte is not the local Tim Horton’s or Starbucks. It’s Café Milano.

Milano's Latte

Established in the early 70’s, Milano’s bean is consistent and perfect. It’s withstood the test of time and is also the place to catch up with friends. I’ve never walked in there without saying hi to a few high school friends.

As Priscilla has learned, Café Milano is a mandatory stop.

3. My Nonno’s Garden and Nonna’s Kitchen.

Our last stop, for this post, is my nonno’s (grandfather) backyard garden and my nonna’s (grandmother) kitchen.

Nonno's Garden

Using hockey sticks and all, my nonno’s garden is his pride and joy. He took care of a certain “castor” to protect the crops (watch his reenactment here). When summer hits, my grandparents barely do any grocery shopping since most of the produce comes directly from the garden. Salad, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, long – and mean LONG – spaghetti beans and zucchinis, and much more. From the garden, it then moves into the kitchen where my  nonna then transforms it all into a beautiful, rustic Italian meal.

Nonna's Kitchen

We don’t just visit them for the food, but family is very important to us and so that’s what really makes this a mandatory stop. And usually, I’ll pick up some cannolis from our good friend, Tony Cannoli, and bring it to them (old Italians really like to eat their sweets).


Where and what are your favourite (secret) hot spots?

Watch for the second part of “A Heavenly Taste” coming tomorrow.


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  1. Great blog….so many good memories and hard to find such quality ingredients anywhere else in North America.

    PS…..Alati is a close second, or first depending on who, when it comes to Cannolis!

  2. Agree!!

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