Here are my Twitter posts for 2010-10-18

  • At Belfountain Conservation. area with @prismanna and family. Father in law is taking pics galore! #
  • I think we lost my father-in-law. Scenic view + camera = MIA #
  • Al's Ben Cahoun makes history with his 1007 catch. #
  • @PastorPJR happy Canadian Thanksgiving bro! Wish u were here!! in reply to PastorPJR #
  • RT @lukemcelroy: @jonmanna I'm coming over! // c'mon over! we've got leftovers. Plus, Italians usually have the gift of hospitality 🙂 #
  • @realmattbell what is ur blog url? in reply to realmattbell #
  • RT @davemanafo: thankful to spend the day …on mount royal walking/playing, eating on st. laurent, desert in ddo // u make me miss MTL #
  • Just heard great news from my sister and her family in AUS. God is faithful! check out their church: #
  • enjoying @joshuaseller new album, "My King is Coming". Wonder why i love the drumming? Answer: @paulmabury #
  • Inside-out This Week: Worship + Speaker, Katelyn V. // ATF $55 // A1 Concert – #
  • Just entered the @ZAGGdaily 12 Weeks of Christmas. This week's prizes: 12 iPod Shuffles – #
  • I believe sometimes God doesn't remove the problems, but He sees us through them. #fb #
  • Apple Event slated for Oct. 20 – what do you think…. OS X 10.7? #
  • this is what happens when a mouse messes with @prismanna's car #fb #
  • Joshua Seller – My King Is Coming via @chrisfromcanada #
  • I'm attending WorshipRises Songwriting Day — #
  • Price played an exceptional game tonight for the #Habs I'll take that as a #win #
  • RT @marcy8771: @jonmanna Wouldn't it have been better if they called the event Return of the Mac? // Perhaps lol #
  • "And when I'm doing well, help me to never seek a crown; for my reward is bringing glory to You" – Keith Green (O Lord, You're Beatiful) #fb #
  • reminiscing of Bible school and our 11th Hour days: #
  • RT @chrisfromcanada: interview with @joshmccabe from @nineofiveband//cool! I'm looking forward 2 having them come with ArticleOne on Nov 6. #
  • RT @trickeakia: @jonmanna I love it! Brings back good memories. Is that Priscilla singing backup? // yes… we were in Kingston, ON. #
  • RT @chrisfromcanada: My wife: "Ok but you're not allowed to wear it anywhere but the car." That's why she's awesome // my wife is the SAME! #
  • Don't normally watch it, but 30 Rock LIVE should be funny with Tracy Morgan. #
  • "oh my, what have i did"? – Michael Scott #
  • You cannot steal second base if your foot is still on first base. Risk is sometimes necessary! #fb #
  • Sitting in traffic on the mountain (Hamilton) when I should be home eating. #fail #
  • @danmacaulay if you go to wordpress this theme is worth the investment: in reply to danmacaulay #
  • I continue to be proud of Carey Price! #Habs #


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